An interview with our Founder - Introducing The Mindful Making Box.

By Kayleigh S

The Mindful Making Box is officially live, and so we sat down with our founder, Kayleigh to chat all about the latest addition to the Alice & Peg collection.

Let's stay home box cotton clara

Hey Kayleigh! We believe there’s a new addition to the Alice & Peg family - can you tell us a bit about it?

We do, and it’s a corker! We’ve just launched The Mindful Making Box… And I think it has to be up there as one of my favourites.

Wow, big claim! Why is it one of your favourites?

I think it could be the time of year that it’s coming out. I always feel this immense desire to slow down as we edge closer and closer to Christmas, but this year it’s so much more than a need - it’s a necessity. With everything that’s happened (and continues to happen) in the world around us, it just feels incredibly important to press pause and step away from the noise.

It’s why I created the box. Alice & Peg boxes are all about encouraging mindfulness and moments of calm, but this box actually gives you a physical way to practice that. 

What was the inspiration for the box?

Basically, to give you everything you need for a cosy winter afternoon indoors.

It’s so lovely that we are able to socialise and meet up with our loved ones, but we still need to protect our own time and energy. I love those days when the car windscreen is covered in ice and I have zero plans to even attempt to de-ice it. It’s all about keeping slippers on all day and staying full to the brim with tasty tea.

The Mindful Making Box is a nourishing partner for those moments; a gorgeous excuse to indulge and lose yourself in an afternoon of cosy crafting.



Sounds beautiful! What comes in the box?

ALL the good stuff! To start off, you’ve got your cross-stitch kit by Cotton Clara. You get to choose from three different options as well. Alongside your kit you have the most beautiful tealights. The scent is beautiful: neroli citrus, mandarin, lavender and rosemary. 

Of course, I had to pop in some chocolate - I’ve gone for Bare Bones 70% dark chocolate. It’s my favourite. ‘Cos let’s face it… You can’t craft without a sweet treat, right?

To finish it off, the box includes organic tea and lime, mandarin and basil hand cream. 

The Mindful Making Box

Perfect! Why do you think that making is such a good tool for mindfulness?

It can be really hard to just sit and ‘be’ mindful. Amazing, yes, but it doesn’t always come naturally. The idea with mindful making is that it forces us to pay attention. It gives you one thing to focus on and, hopefully, this then works to shut off the rest of the noise as you let the act of making absorb your attention.

Research has actually shown that crafting can help reduce anxiety, improve mood, and increase happiness. It also gives you a wonderful feeling of accomplishment at the end; always a nice boost, don’t you think?

Cotton Clara Let's Stay Home Cross-stitch kit

Absolutely! Where can people purchase The Mindful Making Box?

Right here on the website! They are a limited stock edition, so if you do think that this box would be the perfect treat for you or a loved one, be sure to head on over and nab one.

And, if you do, please let me know! I love seeing snaps of your boxes in real life. 


The Mindful Making Box is now available to buy. For our full collection, browse our store page here. Enjoy! 


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