Introducing the Hytte Box, our Winter 2021 Limited Edition

By Kayleigh S


A long pathway, curling between towering forest trees and glistening with snow and frost.  Silent but for the sound of the whistling wind and the sound of your feet crunching in the frozen leaves as you walk towards your log cabin. You've spent the day outside exploring the forest and it's starting to get dark.

You open the door and go inside.  It's so warm and cosy inside, it's your little safe haven away from the stresses of the world.  You make yourself a steaming mug of hot chocolate, put on a pair of warm socks and snuggle up in front of a crackling log fire. And relax...

This is your winter woodland escape

What is The Hytte Box?

Here at Alice & Peg, we love this time of year. As the light begins to soften and the temperature starts to drop, it’s as if nature has taken an almighty exhale. And that’s why we are so excited to share our brand new limited edition gift box; The Hytte Box.

Inspired by the Norwegian hytteliv (cabin life), our Winter Limited Edition Hytte Box is designed to help you recreate a winter woodland escape in your own home.

The Hytte Box has been designed to recreate the delicious feelings of relaxation and indulgence that come with cosy getaways. Soft blankets, the earthy smells of the forest, the flickering light of candles and wood fires and star-filled skies… Picture it all, lovingly wrapped in a classic Alice & Peg gift box.

Because we all need that extra encouragement to pause and unwind. We don’t need to mention the ‘C’ word, but it does seem like life has shot straight back into ‘fast forward’, despite all still grappling with the constantly changing landscape of 20/21.  

So, wherever you are, whatever you do, this is your opportunity to honour the slower pace of the autumn and winter season. 



Who is it for?

The Hytte Box is for anyone who needs it!

Simple? Maybe. But, isn’t simplicity the best?

This box - as with all our gift boxes - is a way to show a loved one how much you care, or to give yourself the permission to unwind and rebalance. It’s especially for those who crave the warm notes of hygge and the embrace of shinrin-yoku (forest bathing). 

See it as a way to escape the everyday. 

Fetcha Chocolates for Alice & Peg - Vegan Milk Chocolate Stars

What is included in The Hytte Box?

The Hytte Box has been carefully curated to feature all of the feelings that we know and love about the changing seasons. Inside, you will find:

This is our first box to feature Fetcha Chocolates and Clarity Blend - two incredible suppliers who have recently joined the Alice & Peg family.

The Alice & Peg Hytte Box - Limited Edition Winter 2021


Our founder says…

‘I wanted to create this box as I believe that winter is a time to be cherished. So often we dread winter - shorter, colder days and all that. But there is a real beauty to it; an opportunity to take stock, hit the brakes and ease tension.

‘The Hytte Box does exactly what it says on the tin. I’ve tried to capture all of the things that remind me of an idyllic woodland getaway… The many ways it manages to light up all of our senses.

‘My hope is that this gift box will transport the recipient to a place free from stress and pressure… The chance to just be, wholeheartedly.’

Kayleigh, Founder of Alice & Peg


Cosy Cabin Candle by NOA for Alice & Peg

This is a limited edition box meaning there is a limited number available, once they're gone, they're gone. If you would like to order The Hytte Box (for you or a loved one!), pop over to our product page.


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