Meet Our Makers Series - No.1 - Corinne Taylor

By Kayleigh S

Meet the Makers Title
We're so proud to work with some of the best independent brands in the UK, without them Alice & Peg would not be where it is today.  So to celebrate them, we wanted to put together a little series of interviews with our favourite brand owners to let you know a bit more about the people that make the magic happen.   For the first in the series, we talk to Corinne Taylor, Founder of Corinne Taylor Holistic Therapy about self care, gifts and keeping close to loved ones during these tricky times.

Introducing Corinne Taylor, Founder of Corinne Taylor Holistic Therapy

Corinne Taylor Range
We had been given a bottle of Corinne Taylor's bath salts as a gift and knew immediately we wanted to include her products in our boxes!  Corinne started as a qualified aromatherapist and now works with a small team to create her beautiful aromatherapy based products.  From therapeutic grade essential oils to non-GMO Soy wax, each ingredient is hand picked by Corinne for a specific therapeutic purpose. 
Corinne Taylor

1. What inspired your product range?

All of our products are inspired by my many years work as an Aromatherapist. Through my training and working one to one with clients both in therapy centres and later on in my own practice, I gained an understanding of the incredible benefits of essential oils. It was this that inspired me to create our range of 100% natural Aromatherapy products, so people could experience the benefits of essential oils on a daily basis. Through my research and development, I also began to realise that the majority of skin care and home fragrance products are full of harmful chemicals and toxins, as well as containing unsustainable and unethical ingredients. We wanted to create a different option for the more ethically minded amongst us.

2. Alice & Peg gift boxes are all about encouraging the recipient to take a moment for themselves.  What's your favourite way to practice self-care?

I love to nourish my body with healthy foods and enjoy cooking in my spare time. A few years ago I stopped eating sugar, dairy and gluten for my health and I love to experiment with healthy meals and raw desserts. I also love to have baths with aromatherapy salts and candles, it's my favourite way to unwind after a busy day. Also spending time in nature whenever I can, I am very lucky to have the beautiful South Downs and coast on my doorstep.

3. What's the most thoughtful gift you've received and why did it mean so much?

I am very lucky that my partner Dan has bought me many special gifts over the years! My favourite is a beautiful Labradorite pendant which I received for my Birthday, it was really thoughtful as weeks earlier we had been shopping and I had seen it in a shop window and commented on how beautiful it was. So I was happily surprised that he had remembered and gone back to get it for me!

4. How have you connected with your loved ones who have been physically distant during lockdown?

Technology has really come in handy through lockdown for staying connected with friends and family! Most of my family live quite far away and spread out so we haven't been able to see each other in the flesh until recently. We have been having regular zoom calls and have even done a few quizzes on there which has been good fun. We also have a family whatsapp group so we can all  stay connected and share what we are up to. I have a young niece and nephew so it's been particularly good seeing videos and photos of them, they are growing so fast! Other than that just making sure to pick up the phone and have regular check ins with friends and family is important.

5. Did you learn anything new about yourself during lockdown?

Although I have missed friends and family I love to spend time on my own and am very happy in my own company!

6. Did you pick up any new hobbies during lockdown? Do you have any podcast/ book recommendations?

To be honest we have been so busy throughout lockdown I haven't had time to take on any new hobbies and have barely had time to read any books! I have recently read The Surrender Experiment by Michael Singer which I really enjoyed and took a lot from. I am currently re-reading Journey of Souls by Michael Newton, which is fascinating!


Products We Love

The Soothe Face Mask, handmade using French Pink Clay, Rosehip, Chamomile Extract and organic Lavender Essential Oil, this face mask calms, soothes and softens skin.  Available in our Calm Box

Soothe Face Mask Featured in the Alice & Peg Calm Box
Dry Shampoo Powder, made from a combination of organic plant powders, Bentonite Clay and organic essential oils, to refresh hair between washes and absorb excess oil and grease. It also gives your hair extra volume as well as leaving it beautifully soft and healthy.  Available from Corinne Taylor 
Corinne Taylor Dry Shampoo
Calm Himalayan Bath Salts. Handmade using 100% natural ingredients and organic essential oils, these Calm Bath Salts combine Lavender, Frankincense and Patchouli to calm, soothe and relax.  Available in our Calm Box and our Small Moments of Calm Box.
Corinne Taylor Calm Bath Salts
You can shop Corinne's full collection HERE

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  • Lovely interview! So interesting to learn the stories behind the brands and how they’ve handled the pandemic. Looking forward to more xx

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