Meet Our Makers Series - No.2 - NOA

By Kayleigh S

Meet the Makers Title

Introducing Natasha, Founder of NOA

We first came across the lovely Natasha, who set up NOA Candles, on Instagram.  Based in Manchester, she makes beautiful, affordable, vegan friendly, plant based candles, made without the palm oil and all the nasty additives you often find in candles at similar price points.  
Natasha, Founder of NOA

1. What inspired your product range?

I wanted to create something that focused fully on people’s wellbeing - particularly by using the power of aromatherapy and creating blends that uplift, relax, calm or brighten your mood. For me what started it all was when I created the blend Anxious Mind and from there I’ve created lots more blends which all serve a different purpose. 

NOA Forest Candle

2. Alice & Peg gift boxes are all about encouraging the recipient to take a moment for themselves.  What's your favourite way to practice self-care?

Lighting a candle, popping on a face mask and reading a good book! I’m super busy so self-care recently seems to take a back seat, it’s the little things that make all the difference - even just having a candle lit whilst I work helps me feel a little more calm. 

NOA Anxious Mind Candle

3. What's the most thoughtful gift you've received and why did it mean so much?

I think it would’ve been a print that my partner got me for my birthday last year. It was of the night sky over Manchester on the night we met. Personal gifts like that are things I cherish so much. 

4. How have you connected with your loved ones who have been physically distant during lockdown?

My family and friends all live about 250 miles away from me so distance is something I’m pretty used to. I think more than anything it’s been the worry of my family getting ill, since my mum works in a high contact job she has been working all through the lockdown period and sometimes the worry really eats you up. I’ve been staying connected by using FaceTime and calling almost everyday. Hopefully soon I can go down and visit. 

5. Did you learn anything new about yourself during lockdown?

I’ve learnt that I work extremely hard and can overcome anything if I put my mind to it! 

6. Did you pick up any new hobbies during lockdown? Do you have any podcast/ book recommendations?

In all honesty I haven’t had the time to pick up any new hobbies, lockdown has been really busy for NOA and I have to say I haven’t stopped! Candle making is my number one hobby but I also love embroidery and macramè. I’ve been listening to a lot of BBC sounds recently - the one I’ve just finished listening to was all about the refugees in France and one guys journey with trying to help them. I really like podcasts/audio books when I’m working as I can listen whilst I crack on with other stuff but that being said I tend to read more at night - I’ve just finished reading ‘The stranger in the woods’ by Michael Finkel, it’s all about a hermit who fled to the woods back in the 80’s and is probably one of my favourite books that I’ve read to date! 


Products we love

Soft Sheets Candle. Handmade by NOA in Manchester, made from 100% soy wax and infused with fresh linen with undertones of aloe, perfect for making your sanctuary feel clean and cosy.  Available in our Hygge Box. 

NOA Soft Sheets Candle

NOA Gift Sets. Three beautiful candles in one lovely gift set. A perfect gift for a friend or treat for your own home.
NOA Gift Sets

You can shop NOA's full collection here.

Natasha regularly updates her website with stock so make sure you follow her on instagram to keep up to date with stock updates.


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