Meet Our Makers Series - No.3 - Moksa

By Kayleigh S

Meet the Makers Title

Introducing Chloe, Founder of Moksa

Another Instagram find, we spotted the beautiful products made by Moksa Skincare and again, knew we really wanted to work with Chloe. Mokṣa is a Sanskrit word meaning liberation, bliss and inner peace - and that's what her products are all about.  Beautiful, natural, handcrafted, vegan and cruelty free, made from ingredients sourced ethically and sustainably. 
Chloe, Founder of Moksa

1. What inspired your product range?

My inspiration behind Moksa is quite simply the natural world. Moksa is a Sanskrit word meaning liberation, inner peace and bliss and was inspired by time I spent in India. I truly believe that all living things on this planet deserve to live in harmony with one another. We have to have respect for our natural world and all living things in it. Without that, what are we?

My entire range is completely natural, plant-based, ethically sourced, vegan and cruelty free. All my packaging is recycled and recyclable with no excess. We truly believe in our values and take a huge amount of pride and passion in what we do.

Moksa Products

2. Alice & Peg gift boxes are all about encouraging the recipient to take a moment for themselves.  What's your favourite way to practice self-care?

I love yoga and meditation and try to practise as often as I can but really, nothing beats a wonderful long hot soak in a bath! I put on some relaxing music, light as many candles as I can find, put a few scoops of our gorgeous Damask Rose Bath Salts under hot running water and lay back and relax. It just feels like pushing a big old reset button. I like to change the bed sheets just before the bath too ready to climb into, as there’s nothing better than cuddling into nice free bed linen after a soak. Pure bliss!

3. What's the most thoughtful gift you've received and why did it mean so much?

Hmm, this is a tough one as I am very lucky to be surrounded by incredibly thoughtful and supportive people so have received a few overs the years! One that really stands out is a handmade photo album one of my best friends made me for Christmas a few years ago. She had taken photos of my life and our friendship over the years and written personalised captions under every one. All beautifully bound in a natural paper booklet with a gorgeous purple Indian silk cover. I was so touched by the amount of work, effort love and passion that she had put into it.

I think that goes such a long way and is applicable to brands too, you can really tell when someone is passionate about their craft as they are completely willing to go that extra mile and produce something that is really unique and memorable, not just with the product but with the whole experience.

4. How have you connected with your loved ones who have been physically distant during the last few months?

I have a little boy who is 15 months and it has been incredibly difficult to not see family in these crazy times. Both mine and my husbands’ family live in France so we haven’t been able to visit at all. We have had plenty of skype chats though which has been our lifeline. We had a lovely afternoon tea over skype which is one of mine and my Mum’s favourite things to do when she visits. Hopefully it won’t be too long before we can have plenty of long awaited cuddles.

5. Did you learn anything new about yourself during lockdown?

Nothing really new but it certainly amplifies things! I am not amazing with timekeeping and time just seems to have runaway during lockdown. I have had to fin new methods to keep myself on track but it has definitely been difficult. 

6. Have you picked up any new hobbies during lockdown? Do you have any podcast/ book recommendations?

I wish I had the time! Being a mother, wife and business owner is more than enough to keep me busy. I have huge envy for everyone who has had the time to discover new hobbies and interests but it has been all about the juggle in the Moksa household! I have managed to read a book which I have been meaning to for a while and that’s ‘Conversations with Friends’ by Sally Rooney. She has a really beautiful way with words and both her books I have completely devoured. And of course Normal People, which I read whilst I was pregnant,  was also made into a BBC adaptation which was stunning and well worth a watch.


Products we love

Bump Balm.  A little treat for mummies to be and formulated by Moksa with precious bumps in mind, this beautifully soft balm contains calendula, rosehip, sea buckthorn and shea butter, all known for their effectiveness against stretch marks. It's also perfect for nipples, breasts, hips, thighs, babies' bottoms and any other lump and bump that needs a bit of tlc. Smoothes in like butter and leaves a gorgeous silky soft texture. Essential oil free, cruelty free, vegan friendly and handmade in small batches. ⁣ Perfect for mamas to be and its size makes it a great addition for the hospital bag, which is why we included it in the In Bloom Box. You can also get full size pots on Moksa's website.

Nara Nourish Face Oil.  With it’s woody and fresh scent with spicy undertones, this incredibly nourishing facial oil is packed to the brim with potent, nutrient dense ingredients that help to increase skin elasticity whilst deeply moisturising.  Available in our Wearth Beauty Box, exclusively available on
Moksa Nourish Face Oil
Lavender & Chamomile Cleansing Oil.  Two of the most gentle essential oils out there, lavender and chamomile work in perfect harmony to cleanse and soothe skin, along with organic jojoba oil which is the closest product in nature to our own skin sebum.  Their cleansing oil also contains Bergamot which is known as a natural cleanser and works to drive out excess oils, dirt and pollution from deep within the pores to keep skin looking flawless.  Available via Moksa.
Moksa Lavender & Chamomile Cleansing OIl

You can shop Moksa's full collection here.


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