Meet our Makers Series - No.5 - Nathalie Bond

By Kayleigh S

Meet the Makers Title
We were lucky enough to meet the lovely team at Nathalie Bond at a trade show last year.  One whiff of their Glow Soap and we were sold!  Originally set up by husband and wife duo Natalie & Andy Bond, they create wonderful organic skincare products, free from palm oil, SLS, parabens and synthetic colours and fragrances. They are cruelty-free and all of their products that we stock are vegan-friendly. 

Introducing Natalie, Founder of Nathalie Bond

Nathalie Bond and Family


1. What inspired your product range?
I fell pregnant with my firstborn and began reacting to most skincare products, perfumes and home fragrances I was using and apart from knowing that pregnancy hormones can play funny games on you, I wanted to understand more. My research lead me to understand more about the harmful chemicals contained in most of the products I was using at the time. At this point I decided to look into natural alternatives but couldn't find anything to my liking, so we decided to try experimenting with some of our own alternatives. That is where our product range was born.  

Nathalie Bond Glow Candle


2. What's the most thoughtful gift you've received and why did it mean so much?
A recent one that was really thoughtful was my husband seeing that my journal had come to an end, and decided to buy me a beautiful personalised journal as a gift. 

3. Alice & Peg gift boxes are all about encouraging the recipient to take a moment for themselves.  What's your favourite way to practice self-care?
I love the outdoors. Taking time to walk at weekends in new undiscovered or well-loved places gives me a lot of life. I also love taking myself off for runs to de-compress and recentre myself. 

4. Have you learned anything new about yourself during the past few months?
I sadly lost my Dad during lockdown. Through the process of loss, I feel I have learned a new layer of empathy and learning to allow myself to slow down to actually feel a moment. I am by nature very task-focused and can easily brush past moments which could be quite special or beautiful. An example of this was during some office organisation the other day I stopped and noticed some stationary that brought up a wave of sadness. I realised it was some stationary that my Dad had brought over during one of the many business support sessions we had with him. I allowed myself a few moments to just breathe and remember that moment, and it was really special to do that. 

5. How have you connected with your loved ones who have been physically distant during the past few months?
The kids and I enjoyed doing storytime with granny on face time, sending baked goods by post (it became a bit of a trend through lockdown that my family looked forward to!), and starting a regular weekly zoom time to catch up with family. We also enjoyed walking to friends' houses and doing doorstop hellos. 

6. Did you pick up any new hobbies during lockdown? 

With homeschooling and running the business, I haven't picked up any new hobbies but I have come back to my love of reading. I read my first novel in years, and it was good!

7. Do you have any podcast or book recommendations?
Yes, I have loved reading the book "The Ruthless Elimination Of Hurry" by Mark Comer. 

Nathalie Bond Hand Sanitiser
Products we love
Nathalie Bond Glow Soap

Glow Organic Soap Bar.  The reason why we started stocking Natalie's products! Handmade in the UK this stylish, handmade cold-pressed soap combines organic plant oils and french yellow clay, beautifully scented with Lemongrass and Calendula. Wonderfully nourishing and smells just amazing. Available in our Moments of Mine Box.


Nathalie Bond Unwind Bath Salts
Unwind Bath Salts.  Relax the senses while detoxifying the body. Infused with mineral-rich Himalayan pink salts, experience deep relaxation from the pure lavender and bergamot essential oils.  Also available in a travel-friendly 60ml tin.  Available at


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