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By Kayleigh S

Self care ideas

Whether you want to dedicate a whole Sunday to it, or you have 30 minutes in the morning to do something for yourself, here are some of our favourite ideas to help you slow down and give your mind a bit of a break this weekend.


1. Do a brain dump

Whether you're feeling frazzled because you've got so much to remember to do, or maybe something didn't go that well earlier in the week, doing a brain dump can be a great way to empty your mind.  Let it out and write down anything and everything that comes into your head.  The relief is palpable. 
Do a brain dump

2. Go for a walk

Ok, an obvious one and hardly appealing at this time of year, but wrapping up warm and being out and about amongst nature can be really grounding, especially with the daffodils and snowdrops popping up everywhere at the moment.  Even better, go somewhere where there will be dogs.  Because dogs.

3. Take yourself out on a date

Our favourite thing to do when we're feeling a bit low.  Maybe it's a trip to a museum or art gallery with a mandatory stop in the cafe for tea and cake, a solo trip to the cinema, or locking yourself in the bathroom for half an hour for a long, hot soak with your favourite podcast.  Schedule some time when you're just doing something for you.  Like actually put it in your calendar with a reminder.

4. Do something creative or have a declutter.

Knitting, gardening, creating a mood board or even rearranging your knicker draw.  All amazing for mindfulness.

5. Meditate.

The long list of benefits of meditation are scientifically proven: it helps reduce stress and helps you manage anxiety, plus improves your sleep.  If you've never done it and are thinking about giving it a go, there are so many resources available online to help you get started.  Youtube has a tonne of guided meditations and there are some brilliant apps like Headspace and Calm. 












Press pause...

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