The Art of Slow Living - 5 Tips for Slow Living

By Kayleigh S

The Art of Slow Living
"Slow Living isn't about determining how little we can live with - it's about working out what we simply can't live without" quote by Nathan Williams, The Kinfolk Home
We're a generation of rushers.  Our normal daily routines often revolve around going through the motions of what needs to get done and we've been programmed to think that the faster we can get somewhere, or do something, the better.  Busy being busy.  But what happened to just doing things at your own pace? 
Stemming from the Slow Food Movement (the antidote to fast food), the Slow Living Movement encourages us to be more present, to find joy in the small things in everyday life and to prioritise what's important to you.  It's not about doing everything as slowly as possible, it's about doing everything at the right speed and enjoying the experience of doing it.  Living better, rather than faster. 
Slow Living Tips
5 tips for slow living this year

1.  Create a go-to Wind Down Routine
Start prioritising good quality sleep and a routine that works for you. This could be spending 10minutes meditating after you brush your teeth, starting a reflection journal or listening to your favourite playlist for 20 minutes before you go to bed.  We recognise the importance of a sleep routine for children so why not apply the same principle to all of us?

2. Practice Slow Eating
The Slow Eating Movement was started in Italy in the 1980s in protest to the planned opening of a McDonalds in the centre of Rome. It's about fully engaging with the food you're eating.  From buying seasonal, fairly and locally produced food where possible, to preparing more of your meals from scratch and then really savouring and tasting your when you eat it.  Plus of course, enjoying the company of those you share your meal with.  Essentially, mindful eating. Whilst shopping at farmers markets may not be affordable or even feasible for your weekly shop, with the recent introduction of apps like Food Chain which allows you to buy direct from local suppliers, it's becoming easier to buy more local produce.  

3. Listen with intent
Are you really listening to what your friend is saying or are you distracted by your own thoughts? Intentional listening is one of the greatest gifts you can give someone, truly giving your attention to one person without adding your own judgment or thoughts.

4. Practice Digital Minimalism  
Whilst we have all fallen into the occasional three-hour-long-TikTok hole this year, how often have you looked up from your phone to find you've spent over an hour watching dog videos? (Just us?).  Digital Minimalism is using our digital devices or social media with intention and not allowing it to consume our lives, setting limits and allowing your mind to take a break from information overload so you can focus your time elsewhere.  Most phones have tools that will check your average usage so use these to help you set your own limits.

5. Say No! 
Sometimes hard, particularly coming up to the time of year when normally we'd have an endless list of obligations, and slow living isn't about freeing yourself of all commitments and not showing up to anything. But it is about being selective about which social plans you say yes to. It's about doing the things that make you happy and that are important to you, and forgetting those that don't and aren't. 
 Anxious Mind Candle
Some useful links
There's loads of information about slow living on the internet but here are some of our favourite blogs for useful tips and slow living inspiration:
1. My Simple London 
A blog by the lovely Ruth (a long time supporter of Alice & Peg!).  She's been blogging about living slowly and recently completed a 365 day slow living challenge where she wrote a blog each day about living slowly, simply, sustainably and quietly.  Gorgeous moody photographs and great inspiration for small steps to introducing slow living into your life.
Read her blog here:
Follow her on instagram here:
My Simple London Blog Image
2.  Slow Living LDN
Slow living inspiration for a more meaningful lifestyle.  Created by Beth, this site is full of beautiful photography, useful resources, inspirational quotes and practical advice for moving towards a slow living lifestyle.  
Visit the website:
Follow on instagram:
3. A Considered Life
Sophie writes about living a low waste, vegan-friendly minimalist lifestyle.  Her blog covers topics from recipes, cruelty-free beauty, adopting low waste habits through to tips for decluttering your living space. 
Visit her blog: 
Follow her on instagram:
4. The Calm Folk
Created by Louise, who is a children's mindfulness coach, The Calm Folk is dedicated to creating a calm way of living for children and families.  She hosts mindfulness workshops locally (Whitely Bay) and has free resources available to download from her site.  Her instagram feed is full of inspiration and tips for talking to children about mindfulness.
Visit her site:
Follow her on instagram:
5. The Slow Home Podast
Created by Brooke McAlary, The Slow Home Podcast is an invaluable resource for anybody just starting to think about making changes to their lifestyle.  They share their experiences, talk to others who have adopted a similar approach to life and talk in depth about the benefits of slow and simple living.  In their recent series they talk about adapting to a new normal in 2020.
Listen online: Slow Your Home Podcast 
"Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished" quote by Lao Tzu
 Find calm
We wanted our Winter Slow Living Box to encompass an important principle of the slow living movement: mindfulness. 
Included in each gift set is an exclusive guided meditation, created specially for Alice & Peg by meditation teacher Meredith Whitely, to help you take a moment to pause, relax and calm the mind.  Printed on recycled card and packaged in a glassine envelope, it's designed to be kept for use again, for whenever you need a moment.  For those that prefer to watch or listen along to a guided meditation, each card provides a link to watch the accompanying video by Meredith online. 


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