A Little Box of Pocket Positivity by Bearsy and The Boy


40 Beautiful notes to add some positivity to your life, designed by independent brand Bearsy and The Boy.

A little box of Pocket Positivity makes a perfect little extra gift for someone who might need some colour in their life right now. 

Each little note is splattered with modern abstract patterns and colour blocking.  Each message has been designed to bring happiness, positivity and inspiration... with some sarcasm and adult humour thrown in for good measure. 

These cards can be used in so many ways,  such as daily affirmations, to keep in your purse, as little notes to pop in the post, for social media photos, to sprinkle around your house for family to find or simply pop them on your fridge, office desk or notice board.     

Here's an example of some of the notes: 

- Go show the World what you can do, it's waiting

- This is all temporary. Life will be brilliant again soon

- The best is yet to come (how lovely is that)

- Trust your inner voice. (Unless you're drunk, then it's best to ignore it!) 

- Treat yourself to a digital detox 

- When one door closes just open it again. It's a door, that's how they work 

- Say YES to new adventures 

...and LOADS more! 


Gloss finished card with rounded edges. 8cm x 6cm.