Set of Two Organic Fair Trade Single Origin Coffee Bags by New Kings Coffee


New Kings Coffee Bags are a great way to make a proper tasting cup of coffee without the machine, mess and the fuss.  Simply drop the single serve coffee bag, all made with 100% fresh ground organic, fair trade arabica beans, in a cup of hot water and... voila... amazing tasting coffee in moments.  

This set of two coffee bags includes:

One Organic Medium Roast, Single Origin, Guatemala (FEDECOCAGUA Cooperative). Rich and full flavoured with fruity acidity and good body, with notes of almond and coffee with a distinct acidic finish. 8g.

One Organic Dark Roast, Single Origin, Sumatra Indonesia (Asoiasi Kopi Gayo Organic Cooperative).  Rich, indulgent and full bodied with notes of peach syrup and spices, with subtle acidity and an intense dark chocolate finish. 8g.

To Use:  Add coffee bag to cup, fill with hot water, give it a quick stir, leave for 3-5 minutes, squeeze and remove the coffee bag, add milk/milk alternative and sugar if preferred.

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Kindly note, if purchased as an add-on/extra product to an existing gift set, the coffee will be sent in addition to the tea already included in the gift set (if applicable).  



New Kings Coffee Bags are made from Bioweb, which is a 100% biodegradable product made from a totally renewable and sustainable source of corn starch, meaning you can pop the entire bag in your compost or food waste.   To keep the coffee as fresh as possible, the bag is packaged in a foil bag which needs to be recycled at specialist plants.  Whilst they continue to look for alternatives, New Kings Coffee have teamed up with TerraCycle, who can separate the foil sachets into metals and plastics for onward recycling. You can forward your empty foil sachets to New Kings Coffee, New Kings Court, Bristol, BS7 8JS, and they will ensure the foils are properly recycled.   Or return them to us and we will collect and forward them to New Kings Coffee on your behalf!

To support the people and communities in coffee growing regions, New Kings Coffee make donations to the charity Grounds For Health who provide screening, treatment and training to support cervical cancer patients in developing countries.