Guided Winter Meditation

We wanted our Winter Limited Edition Slow Living Box to fully encompass an important principle of the slow living movement: mindfulness. 
In your Slow Living Box you will find a card which outlines a warming winter meditation to help you pause, relax and calm the mind.  For those that prefer to listen along to a guided meditation, below you will find the accompanying video, created exclusively for Alice & Peg by Meredith Whitely. 

10 Minute Winter Guided Meditation 



Meredith Whitely is a meditation teacher, writer & chocolatier and lovingly makes Calm Cocoa in small batches in her chocolate-filled kitchen just outside London.  Meredith has had a long love affair with good chocolate, particularly the dark kind, and can often be found experimenting with chocolate creations - or just enjoying a mindful taste or two of her favourite bars.  She also judges at the Academy of Chocolate Awards and Great Taste Awards.  

Meredith regularly hosts mini meditations online.  Visit her website for more information.